Little Yellow Bicycle Announces Design Team!

Little Yellow Bicycle announced their new design team (aka “biker chicks”) today!

Congrats to their new Design Team members, announced on the LYB blog today ….

New Design Team Members:

Shanna Vineyard – Arizona

Corrie Jones – Georgia

Jenny Chesnick – Maryland

Heather Leopard – Texas

Robbie Herring – Texas

Returning Members:

Tania Willis – Ohio

Vicki Boutin – Canada

Greta Hammond – Indiana Retail/Trade Show Specialist

Liz Qualman – Colorado (DT Coordinator)

Congrats to all!! And a special “woot woot” to some readers I see on the list!!

Shop LYB at TwoPeas!



  1. I am a “real” biker chick! :) Congrats to the newbies! Can’t wait to see their creations!!!

  2. WOOHOOO to Shanna! Congrats :) xo

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