Graphic 45 Announces 2012-2013 Design Team

Graphic45 announced just this morning their new 2012-2013 design team! They went through a rigorous process, taking their entire group of applicants down to a group of 30 finalists. Today, they brought those 30 down to a final group of 15.

Here is the official new G45 crew ….

1.  Denise Hahn – USA

2.  Sharon Ngoo – Singapore

3.  Nicole Eccles – USA

4.  Clare Charvill – UK

5.  Alberto Juárez Díaz – Spain

6.  Arlene Cuevas – USA

7.  Tara Orr – Canada

8.  Jim Hankins – USA

9.   Maiko Miwa – Japan

10.  Gloria Stengel – USA

11.  Susan Lui – Singapore

12.  Kristin Wilson – USA

13.  Jane Tregenza – Australia

14.  Roberto Cesar dos Santos – Brazil

15.  Laura Denison – USA


Congrats to all!! And a special “woot woot” to some of the DesignTeamCall readers I see on the list!! :)

PS: Did anyone notice it looks like there are 3 men on the list? Interesting!




  1. Congratulations to all the designers!!! What a year it will be! Special shout out to Tara, Maiko and Gloria!! xo

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