Design Team Updates from Jillibean Soup

Jillibean Soup shared a few design team updates on their blog Friday ….

In responding to questions about any upcoming Design Team Calls, Jill had this to say:

“we’ve had questions about whether or not we would be doing a DT call this spring.  We’ve decided to extend the current DT contract another 6 months simply because I do not have the time to focus on a call right now.  I look forward to seeing all the applications in the fall!  Thank you for your inquiries and excitement about being on the team.”

She also made an announcement about some recent changes on the team …

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“We do need to say “good-bye” to Linda Barber, Celeste Smith and Julie Bonner who have decided not to stay on.  All 3 will surely be missed!  Thank you bunches girls for all your great inspiration!  Make sure to keep up with them on their personal blogs.  Also, we have a new addition – Maile Belles will be joining us with her amazing card designs!  More on that next month!”

As always, we’ll keep you posted :)



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